“Here is your chance to “Be the person you want to be”! 

Whether that is a gift of :

  • $8.33 a month ($100 per year)         

  • $21.00 per month ($250 per year)  

  • $42 a month ($500 per year)          

  • $83 per month ($1,000 per year)

  • $416 per month ($5,000 per year)

It all matters! 

You can make a difference by being someone who keeps kids out of jail and keeps families connected. With a minimum gift of $8.33 a month you will get your name on the 100 Life Connections Plaque (pictured below), the superhero Be the person you want to be” shirt  and an “I am creating the best me I can be” bracelet   

Be the person you want to be, be a hero! Save kids from incarceration and keep families connected.”

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