Life Connections of the Carolinas, Inc., a leader in life skills programming and coaching in the Carolinas, has developed -D-A-S-H- Mentoring. This program provides youth and their families with an exceptional natural support mentoring experience.  Our approach is based on a “youth initiated mentoring” model. Through helping the young person take an inventory of the supportive adults already in their life, the youth builds social capital and learns one of the most valuable life skills of all… how to see out natural supports and positive guidance with their own extended networks.

What to expect while enrolled in -D-A-S-H- Mentoring?

  • Youth will work with a Mentor Coach to identify a self-selected Mentor and develop a formalized one-year agreement, providing structure and accountability.

  • Youth will identify principles by which they want to live, set individualized goals, self-evaluate and work towards becoming the person they really want to be.

  • The Mentor will receive ongoing training and support from a Mentor Coach, skilled in how to help youth set goals and overcome obstacles, in order to build their own skills as a natural support and advisor.

Who do we Serve?

-D-A-S-H- Mentoring is open to any youth, age 7-17, who believes that they can better their best.  The program receives referrals from juvenile court, judges, DSS, mental health, schools, or any agency or family who feels that they have a young person who could benefit from such an experience.

All Life Connections programs are available in both English and Spanish. Now serving Alexander, Davidson, Iredell, Montgomery, Mecklenburg, Richmond and Stanly Counties.

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