-Developing – Adolescents – Strengthening – Homes-

Who do we serve?

-D-A-S-H- Strengthening Families is open to any family who believes that they can better their best.  The program receives referrals from juvenile court, judges, DSS, mental health services, schools, or any agency or family who feels that they have a young person who could benefit from such an experience.  Sessions will have classes for both parents and their teens with a session following to practices the concepts presented

What do we provide?

  • Childcare/ Babysitting during each session

  • Graduation facilitated by leaders of our community

  • Weekly contact by instructors for support

  • Curriculum researched based and a best practice

  • 7 total sessions offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday

  • Strengthening Families Certified instructors

  • Bus or Light Rail Passes if needed

  • Family Meal served before each session

  • DVD provide to each family for home practice

All Life Connections programs are available in both English and Spanish

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