Research has shown that nearly 70% of all children involved in the Juvenile Justice System experience distress and psychological trauma. Youth who do not receive proper mental health services, will go on to recidivate and become more entrenched in the justice system. Counseling has partnered with the Union County Justice System to offer trauma informed and culturally competent mental health services to youth involved in the justice system and at-risk youth within Union County.

Our Counseling program is dedicated to serving and improving the quality of life for young people, ages 7-18 years, and their families. Our focus is helping youth develop the necessary tools to build resiliency, develop positive coping skills, health from past trauma, and expand their abilities to find their own voice and create success. Our evidenced-based treatment focuses on redirecting youth lives and improving the quality of their family dynamics so our youth can function more effectively at home, in school, and in the community at large.

Through counseling, Life Connections encourages youth and their families in take an active role in determining their course for change. We provide a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment that takes a holistic approach to identify the needs of each client and work with the client to develop their plan for therapeutic treatment. Our Social Workers also work with youth and their family to identify needs to reduce barriers to treatment and improve protective factors that address recidivism.


We help individuals and families address and overcome a range of issues including but not limited to:


Our Clinical staff works with a variety of evidenced-based models to ensure we meet the needs of each youth and their families. We include alternative treatment models in conjunction with talk therapy to engage youth in the process of healing and transformation.

Our Counseling​ program is available in:

Mecklenburg County + Union County​