MENTORING provides youth and their families with an exceptional natural support mentoring experience. Our approach is based on a “youth initiated mentoring” model. By helping the young person take an inventory of the supportive adults already in their life, the youth builds social capital and learns one of the most valuable life skills of all… how to seek out natural supports and positive guidance within their own extended networks (previously known as DASH Mentoring).



MENTORING is open to any youth, age 7-17 or older if under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court who wants to better their best. The program receives referrals from juvenile court, judges, DSS, mental health, schools, or any agency or family who feels that they have a young person who could benefit from such an experience.


MENTORING provides services for both English and Spanish speaking families.

Our MENTORING program is available in:

Anson County + Mecklenburg County + Montgomery County + Richmond County + Lee County